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Wombat is a green creature type that has appeared twice; once on a black-bordered card (Rabid Wombat in Legends), and once on an Acorn card (Surgeon General Commander in Unsanctioned).

Wombats are stocky, burrowing, herbivorous marsupials, about the size of a badger. Rabid Wombat seems to be affected with rabies, which makes it raging mad.


  • The Unglued Hidden Message mentions a Lord of Wombats that didn't make it to print.
  • Twenty-six years after the original, Wombat returned as a silver-bordered creature type, on Surgeon General Commander (Unsanctioned)
  • Wombats are one of R&D designer Mark Gottlieb’s favorite animals and he’s been on a quest to get more Wombats in Magic. Most cards that are Wombats in design have a subtle (or not subtle) reference to Gottlieb in their name. There’s always the big question of should Wombats be tied to auras/enchantments because of Rabid Wombat.[1]