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World Championship Decks

World Championship Decks
Set Information
Set symbol This set has no own expansion symbol.
Release date 1997 - 2004
Set size 8 x 4 x 75 (deck + sideboard)

World Championship Decks were specially packaged versions of four of the top ranked decks used during the World Championships, released by Wizards of the Coast for the years 1997 through 2004.

Description[ | ]

The cards produced were gold-bordered versions and did not have a standard Magic card back, making them unusable in DCI-sanctioned tournaments. The cards were also stamped with the player's autograph. Each competitor's release included their 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard, 12 blank proxy cards, and cards with a printed decklist, a biography of the player, and an overview of the four decks release for their respective year. Due to the larger than usual collection of 90 cards per product the deck boxes for World Championship Decks were slightly larger in size than typical preconstructed theme deck boxes of the era.

Product discontinuation[ | ]

2004 was the last year for which Wizards of the Coast released a series of World Championship Decks. When asked about 2005 World Championship Decks via an "Ask Wizards", Jake Theis, Assistant Brand Manager for Magic: The Gathering, stated, "We currently have no plans to release the 2005 World Championship decks. We try to have a full product offering for our fans, and the increased popularity of the Fat Pack seems to have gobbled up the demand for a fourth Magic product (after Boosters, Tournament Packs, and Theme Decks)."[1] Simply put: not enough people bought them.[2]

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