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World Magic Cup Qualifiers (commonly abbreviated as WMCQs) were tournaments that are part of Magic's Premier Events.


World Magic Cup Qualifiers were held in countries that had been selected to have national teams compete at the World Magic Cup. Each selected country ran three World Magic Cup Qualifiers, with the winner of each earning an invitation to the World Magic Cup. The three winners joined the National Champion to form the country's National Team. The National Champion was the country's player with the most Pro Points during the previous Pro Tour season.

WMCQs were held during three designated weeks, which could not overlap with any Grand Prix or Pro Tour events. Unlike PTQs, where any player may directly participate, WMCQs were invitation-only events where only players with sufficient Planeswalker Points or Pro Points could directly participate.

World Magic Cup Qualifiers were discontinued in 2017, being replaced by National Championships, which returned after being discontinued following the 2011 season.


In order to participate in the WMCQ, at least one of the following requirements had to be fulfilled:

  • Finish the previous Yearly Season with a sufficient number of Planeswalker Points in the Competitive Category (which excludes Casual events, Pro Tours, Worlds, and World Magic Cup). Required points varies from country to country, from 100 to 500.
  • Be a member of Pro Players Club (any level)
  • Be a member of the Hall of Fame
  • Win the World Magic Cup Last Chance Qualifier before the day of main event.

Players who are already a member of the national team cannot participate in remaining WMCQs of that year.

Last Chance Qualifier[]

World Magic Cup Qualifier Trials could be played by any player not already qualified for the World Magic Cup Qualifiers. Winners are given a the invitation to the WMCQ the event is tied to.

WMCQ cards[]

WMCQ cards were participation prizes for competing in the tournaments. They were foil and alternate art.