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The World Spell was cast by the planeswalker Freyalise in 2934 A.R. to break the Shard and end the Ice Age on Dominaria. Freyalise's World Spell started a new age known as The Thaw. Heidar tried to stop the effect of that spell and to cover the entire world with ice again.

The Revisionist World Spell[]

In revisionist continuity the casting of the World Spell was shown in The Eternal Ice.

In that book, Freyalise discovered Jodah had been used by Lim-Dûl to study a rogue plane. Intrigued, she researched the plane herself and discovered that she could use the energy waves caused by the plane's arrival to end the Shard and the Ice Age.

This version of the spell involved the Ice Cauldron, in which Jodah's mirror was placed. The mirror was used to "show the land its true self". The energy of the spell was on par with the Sylex Blast and would have caused equal devastation if it had not been dispersed over the continent of Terisiare via the safehavens.

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The Prerevisionist World Spell[]

In prerevisionist continuity the casting of the World Spell was shown in the Ice Age comic.

In this version Kristina of the Woods gave Freyalise the idea to combine forces to end the Shard and the Ice Age during the Summit of the Null Moon.

The spell involved using the latent powers of the girl Kaysa, who would later become the Elder Druid of the Juniper Order, to provide the mana to fuel a gigantic spell that simply restored Dominaria to its former self without such devastating effect, although it still caused massive flooding. The Ice Cauldron and the mana Kristina provided were back-up plans, in case Kaysa could not bear the strain of the ritual.

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