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Race Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Pre-Mending

Worzel was a planeswalker first mentioned in the Alpha rulebook.[1]

Description[ | ]

Worzel fought Thomil on at least two occasions, at least once on the plane of Ergamon.[2] Worzel travels with her companion Roreca, who helps her locate mana lines. She specializes in green magic with some limited skill with blue, red, and white. She disdains black mana and considers its use to be "fighting dirty."

History[ | ]

Visiting Cabralin[ | ]

After being routed by Thomil's use of red mana in a previous duel, Worzel visited Cabralin, where she sought out an expert in white magic to teach her protective spells.[2] She offered this wizard her Glasses of Urza as payment, but the mage remained unwilling to teach her. She coerced this wizard into instructing her by defeating him in a duel, though she allowed him to keep the artifact afterward. Even after this instruction, she is far from a master of white mana; Roreca considered her healing skills passable at best.

Duel on Ergamon[ | ]


Thomil's summoned Lord of the Pit turns on him.

While traveling the plane of Ergamon, Worzel's wards alerted her to the presence of Thomil, an old enemy.[2] She did not see him directly, but watched through a conjured map of the area. She summoned Scryb Sprites and Grizzly Bears and he responded with undead and by killing one of her bears with Terror. She held him off with a Circle of Protection: Black until his own summoned Lord of the Pit overwhelmed him. He fled the plane and his summoned demon vanished after raging about the countryside for a time.

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References[ | ]

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