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Wraith is a black creature type used for cards that depict spirit-like apparitions that are supposed to portend the death of their beholder. These spectral undead are often shown wearing a hooded cloak that partially obscures its face (or lack thereof).[1]

The first card to bear the type was Bog Wraith in Alpha. Only five wraiths have been printed in total.


Bog Wraith are found on Dominaria. As the card was first printed in Alpha and then only reprinted in core sets, they most likely come from Terisiare or The Domains.


On Jamuura, Dirtwater Wraith and Odylic Wraith were known dangers of the land. Dirtwater Wraith came to threaten the kingdom of Zhalfir, while Odylic Wraith were feared for their ability to eat their victims' memories.


Bog Wraith haunt the swamps of Takenuma on the plane of Kamigawa. (While not printed in the Kamigawa block, the flavor text of the Tenth Edition reprint informs us of this)

Wyndmoor Street[]

Street Wraith from Future Sight is described as living in Wyndmoor Street: as it is a Futureshifted card, both the creature and the street come from a possible future, one that hasn't been explored yet. It is therefore unknown on what plane they both are located.


Bog Tatters haunt the swamps of Zendikar. They are said to be born of a brutal slaying.


  • In the Serra Angel comic, a Bog Wraith was summoned along with a vampire and a frozen shade by Aldon who used the dark amulet. The wraith needed to feed on flesh or would dissipate, so joined with Dreygar in convincing Aldon to attack Dreygar’s Castle. When Dreygar was killed, the bog wraith remained an advisor to Aldon.



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