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Wrenn and Seven variant.jpg
Race Dryad Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Mending Era
Center: {G}
Currently: {R}{G}

Wrenn is a dryad planeswalker introduced in Modern Horizons. Her homeplane is currently unknown.

Appearance and characteristics

Wrenn is a dryad who can symbiotically bind with a Treefolk. Like all Dryads, she will die without a host after a prolonged period of time.[1] Unlike other dryads, who are born with their respective trees, grow in tandem with them, and never leave them, Wrenn is able to move from tree to tree. She speaks with a low and gently pitched voice, with rounded vowels that match no known accent. Her skin is pale and her hair is long, loose, and even whiter, bone-bleached and stark.[2]

Wrenn gained access to red mana by trapping within herself the fire that destroyed her home glade, causing her chest to glow red hot and inadvertently expanding her bonding beyond that norm of her race.[2] Wrenn cannot planeswalk without a host, but it is her spark that allows it. She cannot bond with any normal tree, but only to one whose song she hears and which is strong enough to contain the fire within her. She treats her hosts as allies, refusing to see them as tools or as mere means to an end. When a host grows weak, she takes it to the spot to which it wishes return to as a tree before seeking another.[2] Without Wrenn, her treefolk symbiotes can't planeswalk.[3] Although living organic material ordinarily can't be brought along on a planeswalk, Wrenn's power to carry treefolk with her breaks this rule (comparable to Yanggu's ability to planeswalk with Mowu).

Wrenn is primarily green-aligned but secondarily red.[4]


Wrenn retains dryad nature magic, being able to fuse with trees and understand them. She gained access to pyromancy after containing a forest fire within herself, and can use it offensively. Finally, she is capable of some sort of metamagic, allowing her to feel and perceive spells.



Wrenn's spark ignited when a forest fire threatened the lives of her sisters. She contained the fire within herself, but at a heavy cost: she'd have to share it (and presumably her planeswalker spark) with a tree or she'd be consumed from the inside. As a dryad, Wrenn needs to be "hosted" to a tree. However, a common tree does not support Wrenn's "flames", requiring a treefolk as a host. After the ignition of her spark, Wrenn found her first (named by her One) host on her homeworld. This made it possible for her to planeswalk through the multiverse.[2]


With Teferi's help, Wrenn finds Seven in Kessig (Innistrad).

Respecting her trees' wishes, she cycles through them. Four, Six and Seven have come from Kessig, which planeswalkers claim to have the finest trees in the multiverse. Wrenn agrees, even if she doesn't particularly like Innistrad itself. After she left Six to live out his remaining days as a mighty yet ordinary oak, she began searching for her new host. Following the whispering song of a young sapling, she was intercepted by Teferi. Teferi sought to learn what the "white witch" was that some residents had seen, and immediately recognized her as another planeswalker.

Due to an encounter with a malevolent entity, Teferi was forced to create a time spell, which was corrupted and led them to walk around in circles. Nearly dying, Wrenn offered to grant insight into metamagic, allowing Teferi to see the spell and undo it. Unknown to him, there was one beneficial effect remaining. Wrenn's sapling had gathered all the time it could contain.

Afterwards, Wrenn met a now fully grown Seven. In gratitude for Teferi's help, she promised him to help undo Zhalfir's situation, but not before showing Seven around the multiverse as the tree requested.[2]

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Story appearances

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Tangles Seanan McGuire 2021-09-03 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad Wrenn, Teferi, Six, Seven

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