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Xarl Angel-Keeper, originally known only as Xarl or Xarl Whoreson, was a wizard from Dominaria.

As archmage, he came into the service of Warlord Mandek Ironfist, and forced his former mentor Skule to summon the Serra Angel Trine. He then placed a Horned Halo on Trine's head, binding her to him and making her a fallen angel. Now an Angel-Keeper, Xarl was granted a castle in the mountains of Wolf's Hackle by Ironfist. This became known as Angel Keep.

By using Trine's power, Xarl became the most powerful man in ancient Corondor, and perhaps all Dominaria at the time. To maintain his power, he magically caused Trine to forget her past as an angel of Serra. He prolonged his own life and courted the woman Eska, as well as many others. To his countless descendants, he was known as the Great Father. He took the young man Eskil as a spellsquire. When Xarl died, the House of Xarl was left to Eskil, and Trine escaped her imprisonment.


Init was Xarl's sister, who died at an early age due to an attack by Wharf Rats.