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Race Elemental Boar
Birthplace Makindi Trenches in Ondu, Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Yasharn is an elemental boar that guards the Makindi Trenches in Ondu, Zendikar.


Yasharn awoke as a direct response to the return of Kozilek. It is the will of the Makindi Trenches and has rampaged ceaselessly since its awakening. The rise of the Skyclaves brought much attention to ancient kor ruins, but Yasharn's presence has kept Makindi completely untouched.

As Yasharn tramples across the land, new growths spring up from its footprints, including strange fruits and flowers never before seen on Zendikar. They bloom for a brief and beautiful moment, before the elemental doubles back and crushes them beneath its massive, verdant hooves. [1]

In-game references[]

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