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Yavimaya and the other Terisian Isles
Plane Dominaria
Part of Terisian Isles
Status Current
Formerly part of Yotia

Yavimaya was a thickly forested mountainous region off the southern coasts of the Dominarian continent Terisiare. It was the domain of the Maro-Sorcerer Multani. The Yavimaya Forest grew into a single sapient mind after the Ice Age, driving out its old and new inhabitants. In the Modern Era Yavimaya forms a separate island in the archipelago of the Terisian Isles.[1] Another part of Yavimaya has been relocated to Urborg.


Visions of Yavimaya. Art by Quinton Hoover, Anthony S. Waters, Douglas Shuler, and Michael Sutfin.

After the Ice Age, the forest became home to the gorilla tribes and a refuge for the Fyndhorn elves. These races united to overcome the forest's native hostility. The elves entered in a symbiotic relationship with the forest. This interdependence reached a point where the forest was heavily reliant on the elves for direction. The elves helped to design all sorts of defenses that the forest would need based on their own experiences and acted as a zealous front line of defense. In return, the forest grew them homes, weapons and food.

After 400 years of evolution the Llanowar elf Rofellos was sent to Yavimaya to foster relations between the two forests by helping build up Yavimaya's defenses for the coming Phyrexian Invasion. When he arrived, he exchanged places with Multani as voice of Yavimaya, allowing Multani to go abroad in the world.

When Urza journeyed to Yavimaya to enlist its aid against the Phyrexians, Yavimaya and many of its denizens remembered Urza's role in decimating Argoth. Urza was then taken captive by the forest's emissary, Multani. For a time Urza's consciousness merged with Yavimaya's.

During Phyrexian Invasion Multani transplanted part of Yavimaya to Urborg's edge to have Yavimaya's powerful inhabitants join in on the last great battle of the Invasion.

Yavimayan rift[]

Urza's earlier Sylex Blast had resulted in Yavimaya's rift. When the rifts worsened, the sentient forest tried to heal the damage, without success. Under the influence of Leshrac, Jeska used Radha to seal the rift, causing the warrior to lose her potential to become a planeswalker.


Sixty years after the Mending Multani's mind awakened once more, grasping for consciousness as rage itself rebuilt his body. He spurred Yavimaya to frentic, undirected action.[2][3] Meanwhile, his child Muldrotha was born into Yavimaya's offshoot on Urborg. She had grown from from rot and ruin, but bloomed in the recent resurgence of the plane.[4] Like the land that gave her life, Muldrotha is wild, dark, unpredictable and relentless.

Gorilla tribes[]

The apes of Yavimaya are sapient and engage in a form of ancestor worship that draws strength from their forebears.[5]

Shadow Gnomes[]

The Shadow Gnomes of Yavimaya aren't seen often. Evidence of their existence can be seen in the form of the strange burrows they use to inter their dead. They live in dirt-lined tunnels underground, among the roots of the trees. They sometimes emerge at night, startling the other dwellers of Yavimaya with their huge, luminous eyes.[6][7]

Plant life[]


The magnigoth was a species of long-lived Yavimayan tree that grew thousands of feet tall.[8] Magnigoth treefolk are awakened trees of the magnigoth species. They were among the foremost to fight the Phyrexians.


The Weatherseed was the seed of the oldest magnigoth tree, the Heart of Yavimaya. Urza transformed it to form the hull of the Skyship Weatherlight.


Phyrexians who were killed during the Phyrexian invasion, were resurrected as woodmen that fought for the forest.

Known locations[]

Yavimaya has established colonies on Almaaz and New Argive, and is connected to those islands by Magnigoth Mangals.[10]

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