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Race Ogre
Birthplace Grixis, Alara
Lifetime During the Conflux
Commander 2016

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder is a legendary ogre wizard from Alara.

Born on the Grixis shard of Alara, Yidris was one of the Incurables afflicted with unstable mutations that threatened to shatter his mind. Though he was a mage, there was no magic that could relieve his curse, and Yidris resigned himself to his fate.

During the Conflux, Grixis collided with the other Shards and the shattered plane of Alara was made whole. Knights from Bant drove Yidris directly into the Maelstrom, a volatile storm of raw mana at the plane's center. The unpredictable power of the Maelstrom stabilized Yidris' mutations, making the ogre a conduit for its own chaos.[1]

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