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Race Human
Birthplace Shandalar
Lifetime Unknown

Yisan is a human rogue from the plane of Shandalar.


Yisan the charming (more in a social peacock sort of manner), yet deviant rogue is a bard by trade, but a rascal by heart. He has perfected his own form of Magic, using his lyre, Tolmnus, to summon formidable beasts to fight in his stead. He is known to use his talents to woo women and cheat the fool out of their hard earned treasure. On the other hand, Yisan and his adventuring partner, Jalira, have also been known to perform acts of kindness on their quests.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Bard and the Biologist Matt Knicl 2014-07-09 Magic 2015 Shandalar Jalira, Yisan, Sliver Hivelord

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