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Race Giant
Birthplace Eldraine
Lifetime Mending Era

King Yorvo is a giant noble and the ruler of Garenbrig on Eldraine.


Like most of the fair folk, giants usually reside in the Wilds and keep their distance from the humans of the realm. However, some giants choose to align themselves with the court of Garenbrig. The people of Garenbrig revere giants for their tremendous strength, and the giants view Garenbrig as the worthiest heirs of their former civilization.

Yorvo is a benevolent, green-bearded titan, who towers over even others of his kind and has ruled as king for at least two human generations.[1] He wears a crown fashioned from the broken weapons of those who have challenged him to claim his position. Yorvo's throne stands under the shelter of the gnomon stone that overhangs the court, symbolically holding up the weight of the stone and protecting the people of Garenbrig. To all the court's knights and nobles, Yorvo and his throne are a reminder of the proper use of strength: protecting those less strong than yourself.[1]


Yorvo helped Rowan and Will in their search for King Algenus. He positioned the stones of the Great Henge for the twins and their companions to enter the Wilds through a portal.[2]

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