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Yosei, the Morning Star.jpg
Race Spirit Dragon
Birthplace Kakuriyo, Kamigawa
Lifetime Pre-Mending, died during the Kami War
Mending Era, reborn in a new form.
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

Yosei (Japanese: (よう) (せい) ; rōmaji: Yōsei; literally: "Yang Star") was the great ryuu (divine dragon) of Kamigawa's plains and the guardian of Eiganjo.


Kami War[]

Yosei was summoned by Konda during the Kami War to fight against O-Kagachi. Half of his body was torn off in a battle against the Great Serpent. Still, Yosei defended Eiganjo Castle when it was attacked by hordes of akki. Yosei dies after defending the Castle.

Neon Dynasty[]

Along with the other ryuu, Yosei was reborn after a fifty-year slumber in an egg beneath Boseiju. His new form was that of Ao, the Dawn Sky.[1]

In-game references[]

Represented in:
Reborn as:


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