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Race Dog
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era

Yoshimaru is a dog and companion of the Emperor in Kamigawa.


The Imperials have long kept dogs on the palace grounds for safety and companionship. The current emperor is no exception. On her first day of training, her mentor Light-Paws gave her a puppy, telling her to raise it by hand: care for this dog now, so you can care for the kingdom in the future. The young Emperor took these words to heart, and Yoshimaru became the most intelligent, most loyal dog the court had ever seen. She loved having a friend whom she could share her Imperial secrets with and relieve the burden of responsibility. The day the emperor disappeared, Yoshimaru was devastated. He searched high and low but could not find her, so he went to the favorite place they shared. To this day, he guards her throne, awaiting her return.[1]


  • Yoshimaru is based on the akita dog Hachikō.

In-game references[]

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