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Race Spirit
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime unknown, presumably still alive
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

The Yuki-Onna (Japanese: (ゆき) (おんな) ) was a powerful elemental spirit of cold and frost on the plane of Kamigawa. She resided in the Heart of Frost, one of the mountains in the Tendo Peaks region of Sokenzan Range.

She was a mistress of cold and frost, freezing her victims to the bone by merely touching them. She had an ability to appear to her victims in the form of somebody dear to them or greatly desired. The fooled victims left their warm homes and followed her to the open, where she froze them.


The yuki-onna was used by Toshiro Umezawa to get rid of Uramon's men led by Kiku and Marrow-Gnawer, who pursued him. Then, by a ritual performed with the reluctant help of Kiku and Marrow, Toshi imprisoned the yuki-onna in a ceramic tile and stole part of her power, which he embedded into a new purple kanji on his forehead.

Toshi later gave the tile to Hidetsugu, who in turn handed it over to Godo, saying that the yuki-onna will help him to eliminate Konda's samurai. Godo released the yuki-onna in his territory of Sokenzan. Appearing as princess Michiko to the Eiganjo troops, she started to decimate the daimyo's men. But in contrary to Hidetsugu's words, her hunger was insatiable and she turned also to Godo's own men.

As a part of the soratami's revenge carried out by Uyo's suggestion, Toshi was forced to witness the Yuki-onna's work in Sokenzan and then to go back to Heart of Frost and reverse his own spell that imprisoned her. She vanished from Godo's territory and reappeared in the Heart of Frost. He would cancel the spell completely if not for Myojin of Night's Reach intervention, who showed him that he was deluded by the moonfolk. As such, he broke the spell only partially at first, stopping the Yuki-onna for some time, and using her power for the last time to kill Uyo. Then, he broke the last kanji and the yuki-onna was reinstated in her original realm again.

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