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Race Goblin
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Zada is a goblin leader of the Tuktuk tribe in Zendikar.

History[edit | edit source]

Struck by the insight that the rarest and most powerful artifact was Tuktuk himself, Zada convinced the other goblins that Tuktuk was contaminated by contact with the Eldrazi and was a dangerously unreliable leader. She assured them that destroying the construct and consuming its essence would make them virtually immune to the Eldrazi and perhaps confer other benefits as well. The goblins rose up and overthrew Tuktuk, shattering him into many pieces, which they then devoured.

Zada now leads the tribe, directing them to prepare for survival in a world being rapidly consumed by the Eldrazi. She reasons that places already drained of their power will not be bothered again by the monstrous broods, so the goblins are establishing settlements in lands that have been desiccated by Ulamog's horrible presence. Looking for ways to build secure shelter amid the brittle white residue of Akoum's rocky ground, the goblins have developed domes that hang from stone spires or cling to sides of cliffs, and they are experimenting with building on a solid slab constructed in the midst of the chalky waste. [1]

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