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Zagoth is one of the triomes on the plane of Ikoria. It is primarily green-aligned, with blue and black as secondary colors.[1]


Zagoth is a vast, dense rainforest of mushroom-like trees and humid swamps. Lumbering, herbivorous great beasts graze among the fanspore groves, and iridescent insects alight on the vast lily pads floating in Zagoth's shallow ponds and wetlands.

The sturdy forests of Zagoth often root in muggy wetlands. The ponds that make up these wetlands support Zagoth's mighty lily plants. These giant plants can grow to over thirty feet in diameter and are strong enough to support the weight of multiple creatures at once. The giant lilies are the easiest method to traverse the waterways. The beast herds of Zagoth move with the vegetation they most prefer. Some herbivorous species follow each other's migration paths: as one group feeds on a woodland's sturdy outer leaves, the next group feeds on the tender, unprotected fruits left behind. Zagoth is a hotspot for monster-hunter activity, as the tusks, horns, pelts, and meat of the region's beasts are valuable commodities that can be traded or sold.

From the fertile muck of Zagoth, everything - botanical, animal and crystalline - grows with rugged beauty.[2]

Dominant clade[]

The lush forests of Zagoth are teeming with life, dominated by the beast clade of monsters in various sizes and shapes. Most of them resemble large herbivores (elk, horses, rhinos, camels, boars, and the like) but not necessarily are they all docile. Even smaller beast monsters are territorial and irascible, liable to stampede or trample when they are alarmed or threatened.

Beasts have many telltale traits: shaggy hides, thick skin, antlers and tusks, stumpy feet or hooves, etc. While most are large and lumbering, there are also many smaller, graceful beasts that more closely resemble horses or antelopes. Beasts tend to respond well to offerings of food.

Zagoth's apex monster is Brokkos.

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