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Race Human
Birthplace Kjeld, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime Unknown. Last seen alive in 2934.
Ice Age

Sir Zaraya was the commander of the Knights of Kjeldor, during the Ice Age of Dominaria.[1]

She was once married to Lord Kailo, but they split up after their son Severin was killed in a mission under her command. Four years after that incident, Zaraya led a band of six, that included Lord Kailo, the shaman Bolar, Sir Onala, Sir Gregor, and Sir Xian, to aid the Marked Ones of Balduvia.[2] Together they managed to fight off Lim-Dûl's undead minions.

Zaraya gave the Reflecting Star and the Nova Pentacle to Freyalise, which were later used by Jaeuhl Carthalion. She was a participant in Freyalise's World Spell.

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