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Zareth San
Race Merfolk
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Zareth San, known as "The Trickster", was a young merfolk rogue from Zendikar and a member of the Sea Gate Expeditionary House.


Zareth had shock-red hair and a braided beard. Being an accomplished thief and pickpocket, he was ranked among the top rogues on all of Zendikar.[1] He believed that life is unfair and the only way to get ahead is to lie and take until you have everything you need. He grew up without much and lost the little he had in the battle against the Eldrazi.


In his youth as a lanky merfolk filch, Zareth had tried to steal the kor leader Akiri's hooks. When they met again during the destruction of Sea Gate, Akiri saved his life. By way of a thank you, he stole things from his companions and left. When he finally returned, Akiri forgave him and he eventually became her companion and trusted friend.[2] To his own surprise, he found himself genuinely invested in the reconstruction of Sea Gate. He had intended to leave as soon as the city was completed, but he discovered a compelling reason to stay. During the restoration, he found a true connection with Akiri, Kaza, and Orah. Working with his new comrades gave Zareth a sense of purpose and belonging he hadn't felt in a long time.[1]

Together, Akira and Zareth fought the serpent Verazol.[3]

Zareth's party was hired to travel with Nahiri to the Murasa Skyclave to find the Lithoform Core.[4] After a strenous climb, the remaining members of the party found the Lithoform Core and Nahiri quickly used it to defeat an attacking elemental. The effect of the artifact however, also killed Zareth San.[5][6]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Red Route Miguel Lopez 2020-09-04 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Zareth San
Episode 2: Race to the Murasa Skyclave A. T. Greenblatt 2020-09-09 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Jace Beleren, Kaza, Kesenya, Nahiri, Nissa Revane, Orah, Zareth San
The Magosi Steps Miguel Lopez 2020-09-10 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Verazol, Zareth San
Episode 3: The Dangerous Climb, The Long Fall A. T. Greenblatt 2020-09-16 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Kaza, Nahiri, Orah, Zareth San

In-game references[]

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