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Zendikar Expeditions
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A hedron set into the ground
Art direction Jeremy Jarvis
Release date October 2, 2015 / January 22, 2016
Plane Zendikar
Themes and mechanics Lands
Set size 45 cards
Expansion code EXP[1]
Masterpiece Series
Zendikar Expeditions Kaladesh Inventions Amonkhet Invocations
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Battle for Zendikar Zendikar Expeditions Commander 2015

Zendikar Expeditions is a promotional Magic set of 45 foil land cards that are randomly inserted in boosters of the Battle for Zendikar block.[2][3] The set is retroactively considered the first set of the Masterpiece Series.

These cards feature a special Zendikari card frame and a separate expansion symbol. Thus, they are not part of the sets themselves. Zendikar Expeditions feature all new art set on Zendikar and will appear slightly more often than premium mythic rares. They are printed in English only, but can be opened in packs of all languages. 25 Expedition cards appeared with Battle for Zendikar (the 5 new battle lands, 10 shock lands and 10 fetch lands[4]) and 20 more cards in Oath of the Gatewatch (10 filter lands and 10 assorted lands with resonant flavor for Zendikar[5]).

Zendikar Expeditions do not appear in Magic Duels. They appear in Magic Online but are not redeemable.


Battle for Zendikar Oath of the Gatewatch
  1. Prairie Stream
  2. Sunken Hollow
  3. Smoldering Marsh
  4. Cinder Glade
  5. Canopy Vista
  6. Hallowed Fountain
  7. Watery Grave
  8. Blood Crypt
  9. Stomping Ground
  10. Temple Garden
  11. Godless Shrine
  12. Steam Vents
  13. Overgrown Tomb
  14. Sacred Foundry
  15. Breeding Pool
  16. Flooded Strand
  17. Polluted Delta
  18. Bloodstained Mire
  19. Wooded Foothills
  20. Windswept Heath
  21. Marsh Flats
  22. Scalding Tarn
  23. Verdant Catacombs
  24. Arid Mesa
  25. Misty Rainforest
  1. Mystic Gate
  2. Sunken Ruins
  3. Graven Cairns
  4. Fire-Lit Thicket
  5. Wooded Bastion
  6. Fetid Heath
  7. Cascade Bluffs
  8. Twilight Mire
  9. Rugged Prairie
  10. Flooded Grove
  11. Ancient Tomb[6]
  12. Dust Bowl
  13. Eye of Ugin
  14. Forbidden Orchard[6]
  15. Horizon Canopy
  16. Kor Haven
  17. Mana Confluence
  18. Strip Mine
  19. Tectonic Edge
  20. Wasteland