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The Zendikar Rising Welcome Boosters are samplers, given away for free to new players to show off the coolest aspects of the game.[1][2]


Each Zendikar Rising Welcome Booster is exactly the same and contains a little slice of what makes Magic awesome. Just like last time, they have legends, planeswalker cards, showcase cards, and more. They also contain double-sided helper cards with tips on how to get started, find stores, and learn a lot more about the game. Plus, these boosters also contain a code for the "Critter Corps" deck, redeemable in Magic: The Gathering Arena.


Card Color Type Rarity Aspect of the game Note
Forest (Zendikar Rising, #384) {C} Basic LandForest Common The mana system Foil
Nahiri's Binding (Zendikar Rising) {W} EnchantmentAura Common Enchantments, Story Spotlights Foil
Demon of Loathing (Theros Beyond Death) {B} CreatureDemon Rare Sacrifice. Same as Core Set 2021 Welcome booster.
Commander's Sphere (Zendikar Rising Commander) {C} Artifact Common Commander format Same as Core Set 2021 Welcome booster.
Tribute to the Wild (Commander 2020) {G} Instant Uncommon Instants
Tajuru Blightblade (Zendikar Rising) {G} CreatureElf Rogue Common Set specific mechanics: Rogue theme
Bruna, Light of Alabaster (Commander 2018) {W}{U} Legendary CreatureAngel Mythic rare Legendary creatures, flying, fatties
Vraska the Unseen (Commander 2019) {B}{G} PlaneswalkerVraska Mythic rare Planeswalkers, Alternate win conditions
Expedition Diviner (Zendikar Rising) {U} CreatureMerfolk Wizard Common Set specific mechanics: Wizard theme Foil
Spitfire Lagac (Zendikar Rising, #302) {R} CreatureLizard Common Set specific mechanics: Landfall Showcase frame and art.



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