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Race Dragon Demon
Birthplace New Capenna
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Ziatora is the crime-lord and boss of the Riveteers family in New Capenna. She is a Dragon Demon.[1]


Ziatora is a mighty dragon, and a skilled orator.[2] Ziatora has her headquarters in utilitarian Caldaia, and has reimagined it in her own ghastly fashion.[2]


During the plane's Kingdom Era, Ziatora discovered from a young age that she enjoyed the rush of fighting knights. She quickly became a thrill-seeker, which guides her modern philosophy.[3]

The other dragons called her many things: a fool, a traitor to dragonkind, too vain even for them. Ziatora, the head of the Riveteers, heard it all from her kin when she first agreed to the archdemon's contract. But where are the other dragons now? For all their righteousness, their gloating and purity, the great dragons of Old Capenna are dust. The mighty guardians of dragonkind reduced to skulls and teeth, polished and shining under the lights of the Museum of Old Capenna, while Ziatora rules the Caldaia.

Now, Ziatora is power. Ziatora is wealth. Ziatora is the Incinerator, the champion of the working creatures of the Caldaia and the engineer of New Capenna. The archdemons and their angelic patsies may have sunk the first foundation columns and laid the great girders, but it was Ziatora and her laborers who built the city out of scaffolding. As well it is Ziatora now who sits atop the greatest treasure of the five families: New Capenna's single largest store of Halo is under the Riveteer's control. In an age where this precious resource is dwindling as demand for it increases, to command the flow of Halo is to dictate the fate of the city; should this monopoly be challenged, it would mean war.[4]

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