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{W} 14.3% {U} 28.6% {B} 14.3% {R} 28.6% {G} 14.3%
as of Saviors of Kamigawa
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Zubera is creature type unique to the Kamigawa block.[1] A Zubera is the faceless kami of a human who has been pulled into the spirit world. Zubera are said to attack solitary travelers in order to steal their faces. In fact, Zubera is essentially a species of Spirits. No Zubera is printed without the Spirit type.


The type first surfaced as a cycle in the set Champions of Kamigawa. Each of these common 1/2 creatures costs {1}M and has a triggered ability when it goes to the graveyard that grows with each Zubera put into a graveyard from play that turn. There's one for each color:

Saviors of Kamigawa added two mirrored 3/3 uncommon creatures for {2}MM with an ability that triggers if they go to the graveyard from play after being dealt four damage or more that turn.


  • Zubera is a corruption of Noppera-bō, the term for the Japanese yokai that inspired these creatures.
  • The creative team made Zubera an additional creature type (alongside Spirit) so that they could key off of type when they died.[2]
  • A giant Dripping-Tongue Zubera is depicted in Unchecked Growth.
  • The names of the Zubera don't link directly to the Shrines (like the Myojin do), but the connection still comes through with their abilities.
  • The Zubera were made as a Kindle variant that went on creatures and only counted other Zubera that died the same turn as it did.[3]


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